Product Group Flat Glass


RUREX is Supplier for all types of rollers. Mainrollers (plain and engraved). Transportrollers, Tablerollers, Lehrrollers, Formingrollers, Smoothingrollers, Aggregaterollers (ceramic coated or borated).

RUREX Precisionrollers for the forming machine. Final inspection of roller wall thickness tolerances: +/- 0,1 mm

We manufacture rollers for many processes, especially for glassproduction: steel rollers for

  • • Forming
  • • Transport
  • • Cooling

In chromium steel or normal steel

  • • Plain rollers
  • • Pattern rollers in all existing designs

For better insulation and higher wear resistance, we can offer ceramic coated rollers

Special designs on request.

Please send us your drawings. We are pleased to quote you.

Sample drawings

Top view

Side view