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    RUREX-Stahl -
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    Tradition and know-how since 1949

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    Representations around the globe

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  • Representations around the globe

    Our agents outside Germany

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Welcome to RUREX Stahl Forming plants and tools for the glass industry around the world.

Product Group
Container Glass

RUREX supplies worldwide the following extreme wear resistant products for the hot end area of the container glass industry - for all types of existing feeders, IS-machines and annealing lehrs:

Product Group
Flat Glass

RUREX is market leader for flat glass machines for the manufacturing of patterned-, figured-, wired- and solar glass.

The RUREX Team

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Our representations

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RUREX is market leader in the manufacturing and commissioning of complete glass production lines for figured and profiled glass.

For the container glass industry we are supplying worldwide our heat- and wear resistant spare parts, such as springs, dead plates, shear blades in many special designs, especially made for high-speed IS- machines.

Information about RUREX STAHL
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Our Products at a glanceVariety und quality


RUREX is worldwide supplier for shearblades in a special anticorrosive alloy: due to our hightech production process you will obtain a maximum in effeciency, precision and quality. On request RUREX supplies a various sorts of special models (waveshaped cutting edge, cooling slots or drills, bigger radii, grinded fixing areas and others).

Rurex Flatsprings

RUREX flatsprings for the neckring holders "stainless" in various designs offer you high resistance and a long tool life all the time. We produce pressure springs as well.

RUREX Deadplates

RUREX deadplates made from completly hardened stainless steel guarantee you extremely long tool lifes and high productivity.

RUREX Orifice Ring Holder

RUREX orifice ring holder made in "one piece" from casted, heat-resistant steel, longlasting and fair in price.

RUREX Castglass machines

New generation of RUREX machines for wire, ornament and solar glass. Frequency controlled gears. Synchronisation of main rollers. Maintenance free bearings. Wire unwinder system with tension/pressure roller.

RUREX Profileglass machines

Infinitly variable RUREX machine for all profile widths between 220 - 500 mm. Frequency controlled gears. Maintenance free bearings. Profiles with wire net and length strings. Colour coating.

RUREX Glass recycling

Preparation of all flatglasses: figured glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, automotive glass and wire glass. Complete wire and metal separation.

RUREX Rollers

RUREX is producer and supplier for all types of rollers.

RUREX Accessoires

RUREX Stahl offers accessories like cleaning devices for main rollers, new style counterweight system for main rollers, online glassthickness measurement (OGM) and roller measuring and bending control unit.

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Our team

How to find usAddress and contact details

Contact details

AddressUechtingstr. 19; Halle A3
45881 Gelsenkirchen

Telefon+49 (0)209 / 85600


Contact details

AddressUechtingstr. 19; Halle A3
45881 Gelsenkirchen

Phone+49 (0)209 / 8 56 00